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Our History

House of Restoration is under the umbrella and is a component of Reaching the Nations Ministries International (RTNMI). House of Restoration was formed to preach the restoration gospel of JESUS CHRIST with the mandate to win souls, train them in the Word and release them to the nations. This gets done through the building of mature Christians, through the study, the teaching and the preaching of the Word.

Our goal is to create a home environment for every soul that walks through these doors. A place where they can not only receive the Word of God but they can be changed, transformed and be brought to a place where they would be able to rightly divide the word of truth (2 timothy 2:15) thereby creating effective discipleship.

RTNMI originally began as a local cell group with 3 members faithfully and continually running God’s business. We started off with a divine instruction from the LORD and that is how we progress. Our first service was held on June 24 2005.

Our first church space held 250 seats with only 5 members because our fearless leaders had heard the voice of God and had decided to adhere to HIS instructions. They knew, as our leaders, that where God was taking us was far greater than anyone had imagined.

Following our first church space, we relocated more than 5 times in one year: from an auditorium to hotels to a pastor’s house, to a basement space that God gave us in which we resided for four years, to our current location that is more than 1800 square feet.

At RTNMI, We believe in God manifested in 3 personalities: father son and Holy Ghost, Jesus is the only son of God, water baptism, in a personal relationship through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, in giving back to the community through what God has done in us to be able to capture other people. As a house, we believe as water baptism and the Holy Spirit as an imperative part of a Christian’s walk with God. We also find it imperative to give back to our community by providing to the needy, by distributing food and often providing shelter.

In RTNMI, we have a number of ministries: Men of David, Hephzibah, New Wine, and Children’s Ministry.

Who is a member?

Anyone who walks through these doors and is challenged by what they hear and see and is willing to learn and willing to sit under the authority that God has placed.

You are welcome to Fellowship with US!




Why Our People love our Church

Real testimonial from real people who experienced change at RTNMI

Colette Hapi

Colette Hapi

RTMNI member and Media staff

I started coming to RTNMI sometime in the summer of 2010. When I first started coming, I only came because...

Pascale Hapi

Pascale Hapi

RTNMI member and Office Manager

When I first set foot at RTNMI, I thought "Oh there is nothing ordinary about this place." It wasn't until...

Joanne Domeza

Joanne Domeza

RTNMI member and Media Leader

Reaching The Nations Ministries Int'l has been my home for about 4 years now. That's where I met with Christ!...