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Indian Reservation Outreach


Pastors Olin and Janelle Bluehouse are the resident pastors of  Shekhinah Glory Fellowship located in Ganado,AZ.

On our previous Ganado mission trip, the Ganado School of ministry students held a one week crusade where:

Numerous people got baptized by immersion:

ganado4    ganado5   ganado6


Prior to being baptized, Pastor Peter Kange gave a Word concerning the importance and the meaning behind water baptism. As the Word was going forth, we could see the power of God at work as it pierced through any doubt and unbelief ( Hebrews 4:12 ) among the people , bringing about a sense of clarity and understanding with people desiring to experience the miracle of the resurrection of Christ.

The School of ministry's students were ministering at the crusade:

After only having being in school for 6 weeks, the Ganado school of ministry students were holding a revival in their city. Throughout the crusade, they had numerous days of door to door evangelism followed by an evening service where they were able to minister one on one with the people of Ganado.

ganado51 ganado52 ganado53  ganado9  ganado57  

Lives were being transformed:

We experienced strongholds being broken off of the city, people renouncing their knowledge and pursuit of medicine man, and declaring that there is only one way and the one way is Jesus!

ganado48 ganado49 ganado21

But most of all, the love and mercy of God was at work:

ganado58 ganado59 ganado33







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