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Hephzibah Women ministry

We believe that as dynamic women of God, we should be able to impact our environment through the treasure that God has placed inside of us.

Who are we?

We are:

  • dynamic women of influence
  • Women who impact the community through the 5 fold ministry as:
    • Career women
    • Ministers
    • Minister’s wives
    • Mothers
    • Intercessors. 

At Hephzibah, our goal is to:

  • help other women discover what God has placed within them
  • show them what they carry as women.

Why are we called "Hephzibah" ?

Hephzibah is a name that comes from Isaiah 62:2-4. This is a scripture that was given to us by the Holy Spirit where HE told us that we were no longer forsaken, and that we are a royal diadem in HIS hands. We strongly believe that God had already changed us from the foundation of the earth, but we have to realize it. Isaiah says that He has change our name, he calls us a delight, a royal diadem, something precious in HIS hands. 

Our vision is a 2 fold assignment:

  • Raising born again women to a place of understanding
  • Helping them walk in the 5 fold ministry as: an intercessor, a career woman, a mother, a minister, and a minister’s wife

 Hephzibah is the backbone of the ministry. As the backbone, we have a mandate to nurture the other ministries in Reaching the Nations Ministries Intl, House of Restoration. We do so through the gifting in us as we focus on families through the use of operation “Get The Women, Get The Men”. Operation “G.T.W,G.T.M.” deals with women who have an understanding of how to bring the men in their lives to Christ.

The message we want to convey to all women who are called to ministry is that it is possible to balance the 5 fold ministry without compromising or neglecting any aspect of being a Hephzibah woman.

Disclosure: as previously mentioned,  the men in our lives are our brothers, our sons, our husbands; not boyfriends. As a ministry, we do not believe in relationships that are outside of the Word; We do not believe in dating but in courting. Courting occurs only when two people have heard from God in regards to the spouse, again not boyfriends.
As Hephzibah, our tools of empowerment are:

  • Trainings
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Couple Retreats
  • Meetings every other Friday where we either pray or talk about how to be a whole person: body, spirit and soul, about how to take care of yourself, how to be a woman, about what it mean to be a woman and what it is required of you as a woman.

We also do outreaches. We run the hospitality ministry, We feed people on multiple occasions including Sundays after every service. The women ministry, Hephzibah, does all the cooking, all the catering.

Hephzibah meets every other Friday and Every woman is welcomed.



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