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Welcome to Reaching the Nations Ministries Intl' Inc.


We are a multipurpose organization formed with the intention of reaching the needs of our community. We use and believe in the Bible as the prescribed Divine handbook of conduct and success.

Our success strategy includes teaching and training sessions enhanced by biblical success principles.

We are called to build an army of mature believers, bringing them from milk to strong meat; from religion which is having a form of godliness but having no power to a relationship with God backed by the demonstration of the Spirit and power; Bringing them from a place of victimization to victorious living.

Drs. Peter and Pauline Kange are involved in public peaking, life coaching and personal development activities. Please contact our office and one of our representatives will talk with you on how we can best serve you.

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Colette Hapi

I started coming to RTNMI sometime in the summer of 2010. When I first started coming, I only came because my sisters had started attending on a regularly basis and I had no way of getting to the church I used to attend, little did I know that God had bigger plans for me. At RTNMI, I found God's love, I found a family and,  most importantly, I experienced God on a completely different level. I now not only understand the power scriptures but also know how to implement scriptures in my life to see the changes that I would like to experience. Becoming a member was and is one of the best decisions I've made thus far. I've been so blessed by this ministry and pray that everyone who comes through our doors will experience the change that I've experienced.

God Bless!

Colette Hapi - RTMNI member and Media staff



Men of David

As Men of David, we strongly believe that being a man is not about looks nor  about a physical build up nor is it about how much we make. We believe that what makes a man a man is the image he is conformed into. A true man is one whose independence is found on “The True One”, JESUS CHRIST. We are men who have chosen to live for Christ, follow Christ and be examples of Christ.


New Wine

New Wine: Find you! Know you! Be you!

Luke 5:37-38 and Mark 2:18-22

New Wine started off as a youth ministry and transitioned into a youth church. New Wine was created to give us an opportunity to us, to give you and opportunity to be you!




We are dynamic women of influence. Women who impact the environment through our 5 fold ministry where we operate as career women, as ministers, as minister’s wives, as mothers, and as intercessors. This 5 fold ministry does not come from the outside, it comes from within you.